Celestia comes out LIVE TOMORROW! October 27,2010!!!!

I hope i'll see you all there! :)





I will not be able to post in the next few weeks.
I'm not sure how many of you follow this blog but my stats show a few.
Anyway i have to write a speech and I am not allowed on my computer until it's finished. :(
I'll write it as fast as i can. :)
This is a "Special Shout-Out" to one of my friends. Emily Deathpants (how she makes pants out of death i have no idea)
But this is a Shout-Out so it doesn't matter what the name is or what level they are. If you just comment with the: name; level; school, and why their "special" I will post a whole blog about them.

Anyway back to Emily. She is a great friend to me and to everyone else, so she deserves this dedication.

 Sorry, I've been up to my eyes in work lately.
So I'm going to start posting regularly now.

!New EPIC bundle for $39 at Game Stop!
This package includes:
Epic Gryphon Mount!
Massive Fantasy Palace (might sound a little princessy but it's so cool)
Ancient Spear of POWER!!
Epic Clothing!!
Mystery Dueling Pet ( really a hound of some sort)
Or 5,000 crowns.

All of these will be available at Game Stop starting November 1st!






Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been trying to get my Life wizard to Grand which I just completed.

I haven't got much to talk about, I can't get on the test realm because my computer will not load it... disappointment. >:(
Hello everyone,

Celestia has a lot of people on the test realm, but Halloween has come to the spiral also.
To get quests and some awesome gear go see Jack Hallow in the commons and Spooky Bob in the Shopping District.

Gizmo is going as a pirate this halloween.
What is your pet going as this year.

Is the laugh too much?
In case you haven't noticed CELESTIA IS ON THE TEST REALM!!!
Me and Gizmo are heading over there right now!!!
Oh this is SO cool!!!
Woot! Wizard 101 just recently was awarded the "Close Runner Up" in the Game Developer's Conference!!
Alot of people must have voted for Wizard101.
I hope all of you did.

Next year we have to make sure that we get 1st place. ;)

Today is also Friday... You know what that means?
Feedback Friday!!!
I'm not sure what the topic is but keep a watch out for one!
I know what's on everybodies mind... Celestia.
When is it gonna come out and what is it going to be like?
The way I see it, Kingsisle is going to take us by surprise and release it when we least expect it.
But for now we have Crab alley and the Towers in Marleybone.

Gizmo and I completed Selena's release last night!

So I just decided to start a blog about Wizard101. My name is Eric Darkblood in game so feel free to look me up.
Some of the good blogs I follow are: The Friendly Necromancer (my inspiration), Sorcerers corner, and Ditto Wizard. And of course the all-mighty Wizard Central. 

Ok so now were down to the good stuff. This is where you can get recent and past news about Wizard 101.
Comment as much as you want but please keep them G-rated. So here I go. Taking my first steps into the blogging universe.