Intro. - Life of a Necromancer
So I just decided to start a blog about Wizard101. My name is Eric Darkblood in game so feel free to look me up.
Some of the good blogs I follow are: The Friendly Necromancer (my inspiration), Sorcerers corner, and Ditto Wizard. And of course the all-mighty Wizard Central. 

Ok so now were down to the good stuff. This is where you can get recent and past news about Wizard 101.
Comment as much as you want but please keep them G-rated. So here I go. Taking my first steps into the blogging universe.
10/7/2010 06:01:03

Awesome! Congrats on joining the blogosphere! Make sure you check out everyone's (or, the most you can) blogs! Way to getb off to a good start!!! :D


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